Hmmm…have you heard our slogan?  “If you don’t Know Jewelry, Noe your Jeweler”.

We take this seriously!!

So…lets talk Diamonds.  You hear…”The 4 C’s”…WHAT the heck does THAT mean??!!!

Let’s break it down.

C = Cut:  Round, Princess Cut, Pear Marquise, Emerald, etc;

C = Clarity:  Flawless

VVS (Very Very Slightly)

VS (Very Slightly)

SI (Slightly Included)

I (Included)

FACT:  Flawless down to SI:  Looks the same the to naked eye;

C = Color:  D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, etc.  (the LESS color in the Diamond, the better the grade)

C = Carat:  Carat is a weight system.  Diamonds is the only stone measured by using the Carat Weight System.

Price will change when you move the dial on any of the 4 C’s.

No two diamonds are alike and all were developed billions of years ago.

Great outlook at Inclusions, which create a Diamond’s Clarity:   Inclusions impart character, beauty and essence. Although often seen as undesirable, especially in diamonds, inclusions are vital to research in that they help scientists identify gems and set them apart from synthetic counterparts. Inclusions can tell us about Earth’s geologic processes and offer clues as to a diamond’s journey from deep within the earth to the surface. Feathers in a diamond, for example, can indicate that a certain diamond had a rough ride from the earth’s mantle to the surface. Some call inclusions a gem’s “birthmark” or “fingerprint” because they help ensure that no two diamonds are alike. This particular diamond contains a feather that resembles a graceful ballerina or dancer is a fun way to describe it’s journey.

Hopefully, this helped your outlook to buying Diamonds and understanding of all that means.

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